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2016 Young Artist Competition

2015 Young Artist Competition

2014 Young Artist Competition

2013 Young Artist Competition

2012 Young Artist Competition

2011 Young Artist Competition

2010 Young Artist Competition

FFPA's Young Artist Competition

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CATEGORIES: Piano, Vocal, and Instrumental

One winner will be selected per category

2016: First Place Instrumentalist—Melissa Snell
First Place Vocalist—Trevor White
Second Place—Philip Lambert
Third Place—Connor Skelly
2015: First Place Instrumentalist—Riana Chan
First Place Vocalist—Sophie Horn
Second Place—Philip Lambert
Third Place—Brendan Shirk
2014: First Place Instrumentalist—Luke Payne, cello
First Place Vocalist—Zoe Woodaman, soprano
Second Place—Brendan Shirk, oboe
Third Place—Andrew Liang, violin
2013:First Place Instrumentalist—Amy Wood, pianist
First Place Vocalist—Megan Walton, soprano
Second Place—Luke Payne, cellist
Third Place—Analisa Wall, soprano
2012:First Place Instrumentalist—Andrew Liang, pianist
First Place Vocalist—Jamie Hauber, soprano
Second Place—Chris Yang, pianist
Third Place—Luke Gray, violinist
2011:First Place Instrumentalist—Mark Turner, pianist
First Place Vocalist—Cherie Wehle soprano
Second Place—Bethany Thompson, violinist
Third Place—Nicole Joshi, marimbaist
2010:First Place Instrumentalist—Jessica Stewart, flautist
First Place Vocalist—Hope Strayer, soprano
Second Place—Nathan Black, cellist
Third Place—Andrew Liang, pianist
2009: First Place—Ryan Feng, pianist
Second Place—John Callahan, pianist
Third Place—Christian Aldridge, violinist
2008:First Place—Chuhern Hwang, pianist
Second Place—Ryan Feng, pianist
Third Place—Christian Aldridge
2007: First Place—AnnaMarie Ignarro, clarinetist
Second Place—Dan Knowlton, marimbaist
Third Place—Chuhern Hwang, pianist
2006: First Place—Kana Zink, pianist
Second Place—Zachary Sanders, violinist
Third Place—Michael Konieczny, pianist.
2005: First Place—Ahmed-Mehdi Najm, flutist
Second Place—Thomas Carr, pianist
Third Place—Devon Newburn, pianist
2004: First Place—Michael Konieczny, pianist
Second Place—Andrew McEvoy, guitarist
Third Place—Thomas Carr, pianist